Tehranian’s Infringement Nation

Tehranian, John, Infringement Nation: Copyright Reform and the Law/Norm Gap (2007). Utah Law Review, Vol. 2007, p. 537 https://ssrn.com/abstract=1029151

Tehranian is a must read primer on the tyranny of the modern copyright system. Theoretical misconstructions. Court ordered destruction of infringing tattoos. Multimillion dollar civil liability of a law professor for casually clicking Reply and Forward buttons in his email program. Unwitting secondary liability for subscribing (a contribution?) to a magazine which happens to be infringing. Casual public performances (radio too loud). When a private publication is a public performance (lectures quoting a poem).

“By the end of the day, John has […] committed at least eighty-three acts of infringement and faces liability in the amount of $12.45 million (to say nothing of potential criminal charges). There is nothing particularly extraordinary about John’s activities”.

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